Council of Canadian Academies releases STEM Skills report

2015-30-4 | Media Releases

On April 30, 2015, the Council of Canadian Academies released a new report entitled, Some Assembly Required: STEM Skills and Canada’s Economic Productivity. The expert panel was charged with examining how well prepared Canada is to meet future skill requirements in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

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3,500 Canadian students gear up for Let’s Talk Science Challenge

2015-24-4 | News

From April 24 to May 29, Let’s Talk Science kicks off STEM exploration and discovery with over 3,500 students at 23 universities across Canada for the national Let's Talk Science competition.

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Canadian Space Agency and Let’s Talk Science visit Byron Northview to talk Tomatosphere™

2015-20-4 | News

On Tuesday, April 14, Canadian Space Agency astronaut Jeremy Hansen and Let’s Talk Science President Dr. Bonnie Schmidt met with 27 Grade 6 students from Byron Northview Public School to learn about their involvement in the award-winning TomatosphereTM program.

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April 21 is DNA Day in Canada

2015-20-4 | News

Canada’s DNA Day brings together students and the science community

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Hannah Gehrels, Let’s Talk Science Outreach Volunteer at the University of Prince Edward Island

2015-18-4 | Featured Volunteers

It doesn’t take long to get started volunteering with us! Just ask Hannah, who is only 3 months in!

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Leann Sweeney, Let’s Talk Science Outreach and CurioCity Volunteer

2015-17-4 | Featured Volunteers

We want to make volunteering possible for everyone interested. This includes finding specific activities that suit the schedules and interests of both professionals and students.

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Let’s Talk Science Outreach Awards finalists announced

2015-17-4 | News

As National Volunteer Week draws to an end, we’re proud to announce the finalists for 2015.

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Michelle Bondy, Let’s Talk Science Outreach Coordinator and Volunteer at the University of Windsor

2015-16-4 | Featured Volunteers

Through the Outreach program, our Local Site Coordinators work to ensure their volunteers are having a rewarding and impactful experience.

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Laetitia Guillemette, Let’s Talk Science CurioCité Volunteer

2015-15-4 | Featured Volunteers

You can volunteer in French, English, online and in person! Help us make our programs accessible to all Canadians.

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William Chan, Let’s Talk Science Outreach Coordinator and Volunteer at the University of Alberta

2015-14-4 | Featured Volunteers

William gets a lot out of his role as a volunteer coordinator – inspiring the children as well as his volunteers.

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Magdalena Pop, Let's Talk Science CurioCity Volunteer

2015-12-4 | Featured Volunteers

It’s not just the kids who are learning! Our volunteers also learn new science and ways of explaining science topics through their work.

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Celebrating National Volunteer Week 2015

2015-12-4 | News

It's National Volunteer Week and that means one thing: a huge round of applause for our incredible Let's Talk Science volunteers!

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Reem Ghaleb, Let's Talk Science Outreach Volunteer at University of Calgary

2015-9-4 | Featured Volunteers

I love being able to get students inspired and interested in science through hands-on activities and sharing my passion for science with others.

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Game-changing research discoveries celebrated during Ontario Research Week, March 30 - April 2

2015-27-3 | News

Ontario-based research has changed Canada and the world. Thousands of Ontario researchers are working every day to change lives, yet oftentimes their breakthroughs remain unknown

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Cody O'Brien, Let's Talk Science Outreach volunteer wins prestigious Prime Minister’s Volunteer Award

2015-19-3 | News

Memorial University student wins prestigious Prime Minister’s Volunteer Award for Let’s Talk Science outreach efforts in rural, remote communities.

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