A student, a volunteer and astronaut Jeremy Hansen excited to work on an experiment with liquid nitrogen.At Let’s Talk Science, we have a bold vision of a long-term, consistent and sustained approach to advocating STEM literacy. Our Spotlight on Science Learning reports uncover why STEM learning is important to all Canadians.

Why advocate?

Are you passionate about STEM? Are you a leader in a STEM discipline? Do you believe STEM should be given a higher priority in the Canadian education system? It takes a country to raise a child. Everyone has a role to play! Starting in the sandbox, developing STEM skills early is key to ensuring Canadian youth are equipped for their future roles as informed citizens and working professionals. Inspiring and engaging them now will not only help them to thrive personally, but will also help them contribute to an innovative workforce able to meet the changing needs of a global economy.

Impact of advocacy

Three female students reviewing test tube held up by a volunteer for a science experiment.

With more people working together, we can ensure our young people have access to the programs, resources, learning opportunities and career information that will keep them engaged and help them fulfill their potential.

How to advocate

Talk about the importance of engaging youth in STEM literacy with:

  • your political representatives
  • your child’s teachers and principals
  • your local school and community centre leaders

Canada 2067 engages educators, youth, business and government leaders, community groups and parents to collaboratively develop and implement an innovative framework for STEM learning for the next 50 years towards Canada’s bicentennial.

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