our volunteers bring science to life

Kids having fun with a UBC LTS Partnership Program volunteerWe've brought science to life for more than 2.6 million children, youth and educators!

Each year, Let’s Talk Science mobilizes thousands of university and college students and science, engineering and technology professionals. Across Canada these volunteers visit elementary and high school classrooms, libraries, and community events to deliver fun, exciting hands-on science activities to children and youth free of charge.

Our experienced and enthusiastic volunteers provide a unique and engaging learning experience, act as role models and shatter stereotypes about science and scientists.

In addition to classroom and community group visits, Let’s Talk Science volunteers:

  • Provide laboratory, facility or campus tours
  • Provide science fair mentoring and judging
  • Sit on career panels
  • Write science articles for our interactive teen website, CurioCity

We also have extensive experience with specific community groups, including Girl Guides and Scouts, because learning isn’t just found in a classroom — it can happen anywhere!

Rural, Remote and Aboriginal Outreach
Let's Talk Science is committed to extending science outreach to youth in under-served communities that do not have the same level of access to science programming as urban communities. Through Let's Talk Science Outreach, volunteers have the opportunity to travel to rural and remote communities as well as Aboriginal communities, to deliver hands-on activities.

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