Let's Talk Science supports educators by offering unique programs and resources that can be integrated into any classroom, from preschool to Grade 12.

The Let’s Talk Science programs include:

Kindergarten to Grade 3: IdeaPark
To support the development of early learners, Let's Talk Science is currently creating IdeaPark, a unique suite of tools, resources and services for early years and primary grade educators. Found at, IdeaPark includes:

  • Webs of Wonder online resource
  • Wings of Discovery® print resources
  • Professional learning opportunities

At IdeaPark, educators will be able to create their own customizable space to sort and tailor resources easing and enhancing daily planning processes. Resources are based on current brain research and are designed to support young children's development of language, problem-solving, critical thinking, numeracy and teamwork skills, while building on their natural curiosity about the world around them.


Kindergarten to Grade 12: Let’s Talk Science Outreach
Let’s Talk Science Outreach provides a unique opportunity for you to invite a university or college student volunteer into your classroom to conduct curriculum-aligned, hands-on science activities with your students at NO COST to you or your school.To invite an Outreach volunteer into your classroom, find a Let’s Talk Science Outreach site near your school.

Let's Talk Science Outreach volunteers also visit communities to conduct hands-on science activities at malls, festivals, science institutions, and more! Find out more about community outreach.

Grade 6 to 8: Let's Talk Science Challenge
Learn about the Let's Talk Science Challenge for Grades 6-8 students hosted by select Let’s Talk Science Outreach sites.

Grades 8 to 12: CurioCity
CurioCity by Let’s Talk Science, provides free, curriculum based, classroom ready resources which you can use to enrich your teaching of STEM subjects.  These include learning strategies, case studies, BLMs, and other resources attached to CurioCity’s articles and videos.  CurioCity also hosts symposia, chats, and action projects which further help your students see the relevance and importance of science and technology in their everyday lives. Additionally, CurioCity provides a space where you can save and share articles and learning strategies with colleagues and students.  

Register for a CurioCity account now to access these resources.

Biotechnology Learning Continuum for Grades 7 to 12 - This document outlines a framework to assist educators and curriculum resource developers in providing Canadian students with opportunities to develop awareness and understanding of biotechnology. To view the document, please download the pdf.

Biotechnology Learning Continuum [744.99 KB]


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