science outreach in schools

Volunteer doing kiwi DNA with a student.Let's Talk Science Outreach connects more than 3,000 passionate post-secondary students, faculty members and science, engineering and technology professionals with more than 165,000 children and youth across Canada each school year.

Our volunteers are positive role models who use real world examples of science and technology and hands-on/minds-on science activities to bring science to life for students from preschool to Grade 12. This program is free to educators and community groups and operates out of 38 college and university campuses from coast to coast. 

What do you get when you bring our volunteers into your classroom?
Our volunteers provide a variety of experiences. For example, they:

  • deliver fun, exciting hands-on/minds on science activities during classroom visits (i.e. extracting DNA from a banana)
  • host the Let's Talk Science Challenge for Grade 6 - 8 students
  • guide field trips
  • provide students with laboratory, facility or campus tours
  • give school-wide presentations
  • provide science fair mentoring and judging
  • discuss their fields as part of career panels
  • participate in science-related public community events
  • act as content experts by writing, editing and reviewing science-related
    documents and contributing to our teen website, CurioCity.

Our volunteers can also develop long-term relationships with classrooms, as some projects lend themselves to repeat visits from volunteers. To see a long-term project in action, click here to watch a video that shows Let's Talk Science volunteers from McMaster University involved in the Lake Ontario Atlantic Restoration Project with a Grade 4 class. 

Our volunteers are trained through our Science with Impact® workshops, where they learn how to plan and do activities that are relevant, fun and appropriate for children and teens.

Benefits to you:

  • Gain access to materials
  • Gain access to university and college resources
  • Get great ideas for future science activities
  • Connect with the scientific community
  • Increase confidence in engaging youth in science
  • Experience the enthusiasm of a leading-edge scientist 

Your role as a host teacher:

  • Complete a registration form
  • Complete an evaluation after each activity to provide us with feedback on your experiences with our volunteers
  • Be sure to stay in your classroom while the volunteer is present

Invite a trained volunteer scientist to your classroom!
Find a Let's Talk Science Outreach site
near you to connect with a volunteer coordinator. Each site is managed locally by Let's Talk Science Coordinators, who will assist you in providing a positive, successful science outreach experience for you and your students. Requests for specific activities or science and engineering subjects are always welcome.

Rural and Remote Outreach

We also visit rural and remote communities! If you teach in a remote region and would like to have outreach volunteers visit, please contact us at Let’s Talk Science or call toll-free at 1.877.474.4081.

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