CurioCity - Interactive Teacher Resources for Grades 8 - 12

CurioCityAs an educator, you have a critical role in supporting student learning in STEM.  Many studies have shown that although teens view science, engineering and technology as important to society in general, many don't see the relevance of these disciplines to their own lives and futures.

CurioCity by Let’s Talk Science, provides free, curriculum based, classroom ready resources which you can use to enrich your teaching of STEM subjects.  These include learning strategies, case studies, BLMs, and other resources attached to CurioCity’s articles and videos.  CurioCity also hosts symposia, chats, and action projects which further help your students see the relevance and importance of science and technology in their everyday lives. Additionally, CurioCity provides a space where you can save and share articles and learning strategies with colleagues and students.  

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