Our scientists will visit your child's class

Parent and child engaged in science with a Let's Talk Science volunteer at a museum eventScience is everywhere and so are our trained scientist volunteers: from classroom visits, guided field trips, lab tours and science fairs, to workshops at schools and home-schools, museums and community events all across Canada, including the Let's Talk Science Challenge for Grade 6 to 8 students!

Our flagship outreach program — Let's Talk Science Outreach — gets children and youth actively involved in “real world” hands-on/minds-on science by bringing our passionate and dedicated volunteers into their classrooms and communities. Our volunteers are science, engineering and technology students at universities and colleges nation-wide.

Through this program, your child will have access to modern technology and fun, exciting hands-on activities, as well as positive role models . Our volunteers, who are science, engineering and technology students at Canadian universities and colleges, are trained through our Science with Impact® workshops to provide relevant, fun and effective science learning opportunities.

Benefits of having our volunteers in your child's classroom
Through our science outreach, your child will have the opportunity to interact with science in a fun, innovative way that will instil positive attitudes and improve how well they do in their science subjects at school. Science is important to everyone's daily life and is an excellent platform for learning, as it encourages problem-solving, communication, observation and teamwork. The enthusiasm of our volunteers is not only infectious, but provides an effective means of engaging your child in exploring the “questions and answers” of science.

To invite a scientist to your child's classroom, please visit our contact page to locate a participating university or college site near you. Each site is managed locally by Site Coordinators, who can answer questions you may have about the Program or provide you with local event information. Or, call us toll-free at 1.877.474.4081.

If you are a parent who teaches your child(ren) at home and would like to have a volunteer visit, you can also request a volunteer by contacting the coordinator at the site nearest you. You can also check out our other resources for home-schooling.

If you are a parent who leads a community group, including Girl Guides and Scouts, you can also request a volunteer to visit with your group.

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