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Media Release Archive

Below you'll find media releases from 2013 and earlier. To see more recent media releases, please visit our Media Resources page.


pdfWe're losing out – new report on science learning reveals the economic burden of discontinuing high school science courses
October 8, 2013

pdfADVISORY - Astronaut Chris Hadfield Talks Radiation with Let's Talk Science Students from Airdrie, Alberta
March 7, 2013


pdfADVISORY - Let's Talk Science and the Canadian Space Agency launch their collaboration
November 16, 2012

pdfADVISORY - National Science & Technology Week blasts off at Britannia
October 12, 2012

Canada risks falling behind in the global skills race, report warns (html)
July 30, 2012

pdfCanada could be left behind in the innovation economy, reveals new report on science learning
June 5, 2012

pdfLocal students compete and put their science knowledge to the test at the All Science Challenge hosted by Western University
May 3, 2012

Monsanto Fund's investment in Let's Talk Science
April 26, 2012

pdfDes éducateurs en milieu rural recevront des programmes innovateurs en technologie numérique grâce à un investissement du Fonds Monsanto en soutien à Parlons sciences
26 avril 2012

pdfHibernia's invests in Let's Talk Science
February 28, 2012

pdfHibernia investit dans Parlons sciences
28 février 2012


pdfTalk to your kids about future goals
November 23, 2011

pdfParlez avec vos enfants de leurs projets d’avenir
23 novembre 2011

pdfVictoria high school students to be forensic anthropologists for a day
November 22, 2011

pdf Empowering Women to Fuel the Future Conference
November 11, 2011

pdfLet's Talk Science recognized for furthering stem cell education
October 4, 2011

pdf Exploring the fun side of Chemistry
July 11, 2011

pdf Surviving the shake
June 22, 2011

pdf Wrapping up B.C. Youth week with chemistry fun for kids
May 4, 2011

pdfImmunology Day outreach with UofT volunteers
April 28, 2011

pdf UWaterloo hosts young science enthusiasts at All Science Challenge
April 20, 2011

pdfBringing conservation science to life for BC youth on Earth Week
April 18, 2011

pdf Prime Minister announces transformational funding for Let’s Talk Science
March 11, 2011

pdf Digging into the past over March Break
March 11, 2011

pdf StemCellTalks in Toronto- March 11, 2011
March 9, 2011

pdfVictoria youth to become junior scientists
February 1, 2011


pdfLet's Talk Science partners with Raytheon Canada
December 8, 2010

pdfStemCellTalks Symposium hits Vancouver
December 1, 2010

pdf Canadian teens don't think science is 'cool'
November 9, 2010

pdfLes adolescents Canadiens ne trouvent pas la science « cool »
November 9, 2010

pdfNew Partnership Brings Environmental and Agricultural Awareness to Teens
Sept. 9, 2010

pdf Let’s Talk Science visits Labrador
June 9, 2010

pdf Lighting up science at Orillia Public Library
May 29, 2010

pdfAll Science Challenge - Carleton & UOttawa
May 18, 2010

pdf Sipping Science with Let’s Talk Science - Guelph
May 7, 2010

pdf Sipping Science with Let’s Talk Science - Markham
May 7, 2010

pdf Sipping Science with Let’s Talk Science - Windsor
May 7, 2010

pdfAll Science Challenge - McGill
May 3, 2010

pdfAll Science Challenge - Western
April 26, 2010

pdfAll Science Challenge - UNB
April 21, 2010

pdf Carleton and UOttawa students receive national recognition
April 21, 2010

pdfDeux bénévoles reçoivent un prix national
22 avril 2010

pdf The science behind colour and kaleidoscopes
March 11, 2010

pdfLeading stem cell scientists to inspire high school students
March 9, 2010

pdf Celebrating biodiversity through hands-on science
March 7, 2010


pdfGrande Prairie youth learn about DNA and electricity using fruit
November 18, 2009

pdfHigh school students simulate earthquakes, learn how quicksand works
October 19, 2009

pdfLet’s Talk Science to mobilize thousands of university students during National Science & Technology Week
October 15, 2009

pdf"Little Hands" cooking classes
August 13, 2009

pdfRockets and slime at the Winchester Dairyfest!
August 4, 2009

pdfAlliston youth play CSIs
July 10, 2009

pdfParry Sound youth to make slime and pop rockets
June 4, 2009

pdfAdam Bly to speak at Let's Talk Science 15th Anniversary Celebration
June 2, 2009

pdfAll Science Challenge, University of Toronto
May 11, 2009

pdfMitchell youth make slime and measure wind speed during Science Night
April 17, 2009

pdfHigh school students solve a mystery aboard the Chi-Cheemaun ferry
March 25, 2009

pdfAlliston youth explore wonders of water and weather
March 10, 2009