Programs and Services

Let’s Talk Science Outreach

Let’s Talk Science Outreach is a national, grass-roots (community-based) program that connects youth and educators across Canada with thousands of outstanding science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) volunteers, including post-secondary students and industry-based professionals, each year.

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Let's Talk Science Challenge

The Let's Talk Science Challenge (formerly the All Science Challenge) is a free science enrichment event for Grade 6, 7 and 8 students developed and led by Let’s Talk Science Outreach volunteers at universities and colleges across Canada. It appeals to both science enthusiasts and students who may not have previously expressed an interest in science.

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IdeaPark - Early Learning Resources & Professional Learning

To support early learners, Let’s Talk Science is currently developing an innovative and comprehensive suite of tools, resources and services for early years and primary grade educators in English and French, called IdeaPark. This includes Wings of Discovery® print resources, Webs of Wonder online resource and professional learning programs and in-person training opportunities for educators.

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CurioCity - Interactive Web Program for Grade 8-12 Students & Educator Resources

CurioCity is a dynamic and interactive web-based program that connects Grade 8-12 students and teachers with the STEM community. CurioCity by Let’s Talk Science, provides free, curriculum based, classroom-ready resources that explore and engage in STEM issues using technologies and contexts relevant to teens.

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Let’s Talk Science is delighted to announce that we are now part of the consortium that offers the award-winning program Tomatosphere, which uses the excitement of space exploration as a context for teaching students the skills and processes of science experimentation and inquiry. Each year, Kindergarten to Grade 12 classrooms across Canada investigate the effects of the space environment on the growth of food that will inevitably support long-term human space travel.

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Training Workshops

Science with Impact® training workshops are offered to all Let's Talk Science Outreach volunteers, and some scientists, engineers and technology professionals, to help them better communicate science topics to youth and learn how to develop effective hands-on activities. 

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Custom Services

With expertise in bridging science, education and learning, Let's Talk Science provides clients with sound science-based programming founded in educational theory.

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