Training Workshops

Science With Impact outreach trainingScience with Impact® training workshops are offered to all Let's Talk Science Outreach volunteers to show how to develop an appropriate hands-on science activity for any grade level.

"Very interesting, thank you! It makes me realize the power of sharing experience with young people to make them curious about science." - Graduate Student

What is it?
A one and a half hour hands-on workshop focusing on:

  • Educational learning theory
  • Teaching strategies and learning styles
  • Designing a hands-on learning activity
  • How to make outreach experiences relevant and fun

Your site coordinator will run the training. Each volunteer receives a workbook with exercises and background information on the learning theories and teaching strategies covered in the workshop. With an appendix full of tips on creating effective presentations and choosing age-appropriate content, the workbook is a valuable resource.

How do I sign up?

To find out when a workshop is being offered at your campus, please contact your Site Coordinator.

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