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Group of Let's Talk Science Alumni and the Partnership Program's National Coordinator at the Annual Conference in 2009Let's Talk Science is proud to count nearly 6,000 champions for science literacy and outreach among its alumni. Thanks to your passion and dedication, Let’s Talk Science has engaged and excited more than 2.4 million children, youth and educators in science, engineering and technology!

Welcome to this growing group of Let's Talk Science ambassadors — we would love to reconnect with you!

Join the Let's Talk Science Alumni Network and:

  • Keep in touch with the Let's Talk Science community
  • Share your updates
  • Join a committee
  • Have a formal record of your Let's Talk Science experiences (for references)
  • Create a blog (e.g. Alumni Dave Kent's & Beth Snow's blog
  • Write for our interactive teen website, CurioCity
  • Receive up-to-date news
  • Connect with old friends, network or work with our current volunteers
  • Re-engage in science outreach that fits your schedule and interests

Click here to learn more about the Alumni Network Committee and members’ roles.

Interested in volunteer science outreach?

Youth exploring hands-on science with a volunteer
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to learn more about Let's Talk Science Outreach.




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