Volunteering with Let's Talk Science Outreach

Turn kids on to Science. Become a Let's Talk Science volunteer!

What is the Let's Talk Science Outreach all about?
Science is everywhere and so are our volunteers — from classroom visits, field trips, lab tours, and science fairs to workshops at schools, museums and community events all across Canada.

Just a few hours a year is all it takes to make a difference!

  • Interact directly with students as a role model
  • Share what you know and love about science, engineering or technology
  • Enable students to participate in "real world" science through hands-on activities
  • Help children and youth discover the importance of science in their daily lives

Benefits of volunteering

  • Strengthen your communication, teaching and leadership skills
  • Receive Science with Impact® training and improve your presentation skills
  • Boost your confidence and enhance your career opportunities
  • Inspire a future scientist or engineer!

Want to become a Let's Talk Science volunteer?

Click here
to see if Let's Talk Science is already at your university or college!

Each university/college outreach site is managed locally by student coordinators, who provide volunteers with support and tools needed for a fantastic and successful volunteer experience.

National Let's Talk Science Outreach Team - 2011Meet the National Team

Lorna Collins, Event Coordinator, Let's Talk Science Outreach

Nicole Kaiser, Assistant Coordinator, Let's Talk Science Outreach

Glenda Casimir, Manager, Volunteer Engagement & Community Partnerships

Isabel Deslauriers, National Coordinator, Let's Talk Science Outreach

Holly Baker, Assistant Coordinator, Let's Talk Science Outreach

Susie Taylor, Special Programs Coordinator

 Not pictured: Robyn Auld, Coordinator, Online Volunteer Engagement

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